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Charlotte de Witte delivers techno hitlist

Rising Belgian DJ unleashes her hammering techno tracklist ahead of Privilege date.

On her Instagram profile, Charlotte de Witte describes herself as an intergalactic traveller. Obviously, the Belgian techno DJ and producer isn't literally bouncing between those planets in outer space, but she's doing damn well at exploring cultures once alien to her, here on planet earth.

In 2017 she's given fans a blast of her stripped, aggressive techno venom across four continents, with gigs landing her in Singapore, Holland, Tunisia, Italy, Scotland, Serbia and Germany, among more. And over the next few months, you'll find her seizing the affections from clubbers in North, Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and more of Europe. Get in.

Witte - who once roamed under the alias Raving George – is a firm believer in the less is more principle, and that's something she's been effectively putting to practice with a throng of her very own thundering tracks. Deeply engaged in the practice of production for around four years, her tracks have been signed by exalted labels, including Turbo, OFF Recordings and most recently with her EP Wisdom, Sleaze Records. From her discography so far, Black Asteroid, Keith Carnal, Carl Lekebusch and TWR72 have been the linchpins to jump onboard with remixes, and with that level of techno pedigree, that's well worth noting.

In addition to the above, she's a radio host and founder of KNTXT events at Belgian party institution, Fuse. Needless to say, she's damn busy and we're feeling more than a little fortunate to know that she'll be back on the island following her Ibiza debut at DC10 with the Circoloco crew.

On Sunday 30 July you can catch Charlotte de Witte at Privilege with Coyu's residency, Suara, and to get us in the groove she's laid down a filthy selection of her favourite techno tracks. Give them all a good blasting, and if you consider yourself a techno head, get those tickets in the basket because this is guaranteed to be very satisfying indeed.

Tickets can be bought for tomorrow's Suara session here.

Perc & Passarella Death Squad / The Temperature Is Rising / Perc Trax

I'm in love with everyone Perc does. His latest album is simply killing it. Each and every tune speak directly to my heart. I love it to bits.”

Ben Klock / Sirens / Ostgut Ton

I fell in love with this tracks from the first moment I've heard it. It's haunting, hypnotising, grabs your attention and takes you on a trip. Another masterpiece released on Ostgut Ton.

DBX / Losing Control / Peacefrog Records

This track has been made when I was only two years old, in 1994. Crazy to see how the same sound and stripped style of producing is still so very much represented in music nowadays.”

Jon Hopkins – Collider (Karenn Remix) / Domino

Huge fan of everything Karenn does. In my own productions, I like to incorporate vocals in a stripped sequenze and this is exactly what's happening here. It works super well on the floor and I get reminded of how much I love it every time I play it.”

Cosmin TRG / In Your Body / SPORTIV

I referred to this track once as “yoga techno”. I love this track because it shows such a big contrast between the hypnotising, soothing vocal and the aggressive and functional beats. I've been playing this tracks for months now and I'll probably keep on playing it for ever longer.“

Regal / Repeat / Involve Records

I'm a big fan of everything Regal does. I love his acid sounds and I play multiple tracks of his in every single set. I invited him once for one of my KNTXT parties and he's a very nice person as well. I have lots of respect for him.”

Flug & Miki Craven / Signals / Nonlinear Systems

This is also one of the tracks I've been playing a lot the last couple of months. It's highly effective on the dance floor and it just keeps on building and building until it drops into a void of only kick. Love it.”

Jones & Stephensen / The First Rebirth / Bonzai Classics

Since I'm from Belgium, I have to pay homage from time to time to my beautiful home country. The Bonzai Ages were gold for everyone, and I think this track definitely belongs to their masterpieces.”

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