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Diynamic showcase at DC10 confirmed in 2017

Solomun's back with the Diynamic crew for a one-off showcase.

Solomun's Diynamic showcase at DC10 last summer gave us the kind of techno beating that had us waxing lyrical about it for weeks, and in 2017 we're in for another sonic smackdown.

Friday 14 July is your date for the diary, and your line-up is Diynamic label boss Solomun, electric duo Adriatique, German powerhouse H.O.S.H, bass pusher Karmon, sonic siren Magdalena, Italian showman Lehar, and underground dicers Undercatt. But that's not all, as on live duties you have house and techno duo Kollektiv Turmstrasse and potent producer Johannes Brecht.

Sure, you've got Solomun back again at Pacha every Sunday from 28 May onwards, and whichever week you pick you're guaranteed a beauty, however, if you can plan your trip for this showcase and potentially get double the Solomun dosage – DO IT.

For the clubbers who missed out last year, we made sure you got a good idea of what went down with a top tracks hitlist and a feature review, and we'd advise you give those another read because this will be a highlight of the summer 2017…mark our words.

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