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First ever Ibiza Light Festival hits town

New festival comes to life for October 2016

The first ever Ibiza Light Festival swings into Ibiza Town between 14-15 October this year in a new cultural event that uses light, video, sound and performance art in Ibiza Town's marina. The event will use light to dazzlingly transform the many well-known monuments, streets, buildings and squares of the marina in this free-to-attend festival that will take place from 8pm to midnight on both the two days.

The festival invites all-comers to come along and enjoy the light transformation of this emblematic area of Ibiza as well as take in art installations, some of which are fully interactive. The Ibiza Light Festival invites visitors to walk around and discover the different lighting displays and live performance including theatre and dance shows.

With the festival taking place around the marina, visitors can enjoy the revitalised area and take advantage of the many restaurants, bars and shops in the area still open until the end of the summer season. Since LED lighting uses very little power, it's expected that power consumption for lighting the area with extended lighting will not see an increase in power demand.

The event is being put on by various companies like Ledhouse and 3D Light and is supported by the town and island council. The hope is that the event will become an annual one and help boost the island's reputation as a cultural centre.

Trip the light fantastic at this cool new festival and see Ibiza's marina transformed like never before.

WORDS | Julian Heathcote

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