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Dakota Johnson filming in Ibiza

Summer, beer, fun.

The film production company making Estrella Damm's annual beer commercial were in Ibiza last week and brought a very special star with them. The daughter of Don 'Miami Vice' Johnson and Melanie 'Working Girl' Griffith, Dakota 'Miami Girl' Johnson was in town to add a bit of Hollywood glitz to an ad for possibly the best product in the world.

Every year, the finest liquid in the world is featured by Damm in an advert set in the Mediterranean, and it's become like a badge of honour and the source of great publicity for the location destinations. Until now, the Barcelona brewers have never used Ibiza for their 'mediterraneità' (Mediterranean-ness) based promotion but have been in Formentera, Mallorca, Menorca and Catalonia itself, so it's a nice coup for the island to be shown on prime time telly and for the first time AND with a big Hollywood star.

Luckily Dakota wasn't tied up with any other commitments, and those of you who've read the book, seen the film and worn the neck tie, will know the young star from famous ladyporn flick 50 Shades of Grey. This time round, her acting abilities will be used to portray her as a foreign tourist who falls in with a group of young people spending some summer time in Ibiza.

The rest of the 'plot' is a secret, but based on every other ad they've done over the last few years the following scenario is the likeliest. A group of young, slim, good looking ever so slightly boho types will dash about having a fantastic time on beaches, shack bars, rock concerts and beach buggies, drinking ice cold beer from frosty bottles and all to a plinky plonky clean cut American rock soundtrack. They'll never get drunk, never pay for their ale and usually wake up with a girl and not a hangover – in fact everything drinking beer and being in the Med is cracked up to be!

Look out for the ad this summer on Spanish telly, preferably in a bar in Ibiza town! Cheers!

Here is Formentera's advert from 2009.

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