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Ibiza: Celebrity Island

Now that Ibiza's been thoroughly Jordan - ed let's try and recover some dignity

Now that Ibiza's been thoroughly Jordan - ed let's try and recover some dignity with news of some less raucous celebrities on our shores.

Super chef Juan Mari Arzak left his three Michelin stars Arzak restaurant in San Sebastian to celebrate San Juan in Formentera. He had lunch at the Pirata, owned by a friend of his, and chose scrambled eggs with seafood, followed by grilled garlic lobster all washed down with champagne and local wine.

As usual we've had a phalanx of football stars on the island, though this time not lounging about at Malibu, but at Ibiza's prison. Javi Casquero and Roberto Soldado from Getafe, Santi Denia from Atlético de Madrid, and Dimas from Numancia visited inmates to answer questions about the beautiful game. The prisoners, paying their penalty to society, seemed delighted to ask Casquero about the last minute penalty he missed against Real Madrid in April.

The ex Miss Spain Maria Reyes, who was photographed topless in Ibiza by Interviú magazine will not receive any indemnity from them. The Supreme Tribunal has ruled that a photo of Ms Reyes' breasts is in the public interest given that she's a public figure.

Finally, Rafa Nadal's decision to buy a house on Ibiza has been resurrected as newsworthy since Wimbledon started. Local Ibiza papers reported back in November that Nadal was buying a luxury, environmentally friendly villa near Cala Conta. At the time he was at a millionaires' fare in Moscow helping publicise the development to Ruble squillionaires.