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Magic Roundabout

Or, when Ibiza Motorways cross

Or, when Ibiza Motorways cross. You'd think that with the tens of millions of Euros spent on improving the roads over the last few years that they'd have got it right by now.

Unfortunately, they haven't. Commuters on the island have to endure excruciating delays at the big roundabout where the motorway from the airport to Jesús and Santa Eulalia crosses the autobahn from Ibiza town to San Antonio.

The problem is with so much traffic hitting the roundabout at the same time – remember we have FOUR rush hours in Ibiza – that it tends to get jammed and then causes tailbacks down the slip roads off the motorway.

The solution proposed by the Public Works department is to install two 'zero lanes' which will enable traffic turning right from the airport to Ibiza to bypass the roundabout and its queues. Similarly, traffic flowing in the opposite direction from Santa Eulalia will be able to turn right to San Antonio before the roundabout.

The good thing about the scheme is that no more land will be needed as the two new slip roads will skirt the outer lane of the roundabout.

Here's to happier motoring, less waiting, and more coffee drinking when we get to work.