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Ibiza Underground

Ibiza's second city, San Antonio, will soon be the first

Ibiza's second city, San Antonio, will soon be the first to have underground parking facilities on the island. The new subterranean car park in the Plaza de España and all the streets which have been blocked to traffic are due to open on 15th June.

It's been a triumph of organisation and planning since work started last November and will come in on time - which on past performance constitutes a minor miracle.

The structure itself is three storeys low and will accommodate 300 cars if they can manage to park between the white lines. 100 of these spaces are up for sale at €18,000 for the next 75 years, others will be rented long term and the rest will be available to the public at a cost yet to be approved by the council.

Happily the job has been finished without the neighbours' fears of their apartments sliding into the hole becoming fact. Another job the contractor had to carry out before starting the work was the complete soundproofing of the nearby school. The pupils were able to carry on with their education without disturbing the lads doing the excavation works many metres below.

Well done to everyone and may God bless all who park in her.