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Ibiza's Taxi Troubles

There's taxi trouble brewing in Ibiza at the moment

There's taxi trouble brewing in Ibiza at the moment ever since the Island Council announced that they were going to grant 150 temporary taxi licenses for next summer.

Their idea was to reduce the queues for taxis and provide a better service to the hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers who rely on them for transport during the super busy months of July and August.

The taxi drivers however, are revolting. They obviously see the introduction of more taxis as a dilution of their earning potential in the year so went on strike on New Year's Eve as a protest.

An overwhelming wave of public support and sympathy was totally absent as many people had to cancel their 'drink as much as you can' plans for the biggest night of the year. Local councils laid on buses throughout the night which covered the routes from Santa Eulalia, San Antonio and Playa den Bossa to Ibiza and from San Antonio to San Jose.

Pirate taxis were apparently out in force, as were the police and Guardia Civil who had threatened to have more spot checks on motorists than ever before. And with new swingeing penalties for being over the drink drive limit now in force it just isn't worth the risk.

The 'taxistas' say their strike was a success, however the bus companies say their buses were chock-a-block with passengers throughout the night and the Island Council have said that the taxi drivers can strike as much as they like but it won't change the 150 new licenses for next year. We'll see.