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Ibiza Christmas Splashdown

Christmas Day in Ibiza was warm, sunny, and fun

Christmas Day in Ibiza was warm, sunny, and fun. Contrary to the rantings of the British tabloid press, filled with doom, gloom and despondency about rainy weather and James Blunt's depressing choice of records, it was actually a beautiful day.

We were in San Antonio where a good natured Bank Holiday crowd had gathered at the harbour to watch the annual swim from the ferry terminal to the Nautical Club. The sun shone on the gallant (is that the right word?) swimmers as they warmed up at the port. This year six turned up – a 100% increase on last year – and after several 'big toe tests' pronounced the water temperatures to be 'a little fresh.'

On the stroke of about 10 past Noon, they set off accompanied by a safety kayak, which was presumably carrying light Christmas refreshments should they feel a bit peckish on the way round and arrived several minutes later still chattering about how 'cool' the water was.

It's a fun thing and the crowd showed their appreciation for all concerned and no doubt all went off together for a cold, frosty beer in one of the nearby bars.

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