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Ibiza by Numbers

A dollop of statistics with Ibiza as the common denominator

Building – People often say that construction is out of control on the island with urban areas seemingly with building sites everywhere. Even if every piece of urban (buildable) land was used, it would still only make up 6% of the total territory of the island! This is much less than on the sprawling Catalan and Valencian coasts.

Taxis – The island government has started to grant new temporary taxi licenses for the busy summer season. 32 of a total of 59 have already been given out – with the full support of the taxi owners – and it's hoped that this will alleviate some of the queues which build up when the island is at its busiest.

Passengers – Ibiza airport will see 162,866 passengers passing through its doors this week. The total number of arrivals and departures is up 13% on the same time last year. As usual, the weekend is the busiest time with 712 flights bringing tens of thousands of happy holidaymakers to Ibiza.

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