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Ibiza's Crazy Weather

It's been a funny old year weather wise in Ibiza.

It's been a funny old year weather wise in Ibiza. The words topsy and turvy could well have been used by the meteorological men of the Balearics to describe climatic conditions over the last 12 months. Last January and February were colder and wetter than normal - Ibiza's coldest day was 29th January when we shivered at only 2.7 degrees centigrade – and August too, with an average temperature of 25.5, wasn't as hot as normal.

Despite this, the average temperatures throughout the year will probably see 2006 as the warmest (and driest) on record since we officially started observing the weather in 1961. This November was the warmest ever, October was the second warmest, and in July we had the hottest day of the year when we sizzled at a humid 33.8 degrees on the 25th.

As usual we didn't have any snow at all and the Spotlight forecast is that there won't be any in the foreseeable future, so don't pack any salopets for your next trip to the island.