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New Publicity Campaign


Turespaña, the tourist promotion body of Spain has unleashed a new promotional campaign, at a cost of €20m, onto an unsuspecting world.

Called 'Spain Marks' the new publicity has caused some debate here in Ibiza because of the choice of one photograph, that of the backside of a girl with the mark of a tanga on it.

It has been criticised as sexist, and likely to attract only the 'young party crowd' to the island - quite different to the image the authorities wish to portray, of a place equally attractive for its landscape, beaches, sporting, and cultural activities.

They argue that people who come to Ibiza for these reasons, and make up a large majority of the island's visitors, come over a period of 7 or 8 months a year, and distribute money to many sectors of the economy.

Naturally they don't want this important sector alienated by images like this.