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Night Sky Walk - Stargazing

Join an amazing evening walk to a beautiful spot with the perfect view of the night sky, guided by Ibiza Outdoors/Ibiza Walking.

Fri 29 Mar, 2024
From: 20:00


Enjoy an amazing evening walk with Ibiza Outdoors to a beautiful spot where you will have a perfect view of the night sky. During the walk you will adjust your eyes to the dark so you can see everything clearly while ‘star lady' Etienne will be explaining all about the planets and stellar constellations.

The walks happen on different dates, when the night sky is especially dark for a perfect view of the stars. 

Please bring a torch and something to lie on, so you get a good view of the stars. In the off season, bring warm clothes, hat and gloves so you stay warm. 

Duration: approx. 2 to 2,5 h for the total experience.

Distance: approx. 3 to 4 km

Level: easy

Donation: The walks are by donation of 15 to 25 € per person (depending on how much you are able to give).

You must reserve and pay for your walk because places are limited, you can not just turn up.

Find more information about the walks and reservations on the Ibiza Outdoors Calendar. For general information about the walks and what to bring head here.

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