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Review: Elements opening party 2015

Elements, OpenLab and Benirrás. Perfect combination to start their season.

After one of the shortest winter breaks for beach clubs, this Sunday saw the official opening party for Elements. Set on the south side of Benirràs, one of Ibiza's most iconic beaches in the north of the island, the day gave us an idea of for what to expect in 2015. Featuring a terrific line up of live DJs as well as live performances and a visual art display – the stage was well set for an exciting year. The entertainment line up complemented the famous Sunday drummers on the beach's opposite side. Indeed, many coming into Elements throughout the evening had wandered over from the drumming action to check out what was going down at this well-known spot.

Elements is well known for its hippy vibe and its philosophy of working in harmony with the four elements of earth, wind, water and fire – hence its name. Owner Kiko Malcarne's message for 2015 and beyond is simple: ‘Be the change you want to see.' With this in mind, the opening event was designed to get the guests to consider the natural beauty around them, to respect it and to respect themselves.

The venue walks the walk of what it says too: all of the furniture and fittings are made from reclaimed and recycled materials, to underline the commitment of not taking too much from nature. “We've used bits of old boats, train sleepers and generally stuff that people throw away. You can make beautiful things from what's lying around us,” says Kiko.

If this sounds altogether too new age, then it makes sense when you get there: this small and spectacular cove does make you feel like you are communing with nature. It's why this club offers such things as yoga and massage treatment and a juice bar to help restore and revive the body. This is also reflected in its restaurant, which serves up super-fresh dishes designed by head chef Pep Herrero. There's also a newly launched ‘farm to fork' approach with many of the naturally grown vegetables being sourced in and around Benirràs. For some fun and sparkle, Elements introduces this season the cocktail supremo Claudio Bombini, who designs drinks to match whatever you're eating as well as giving you a great list of classics and specialities.

As day turned to evening, we were treated to two visual art installations from local audiovisual artists, Nourathar. The first one consisted of an optical illusion using a clear glass bottle showing a variety of colourful images. After looking at the images in the bottle for ten seconds or so, you then get an eerie reflection of yourself in black and white via some high-tech wizardry. A light show against one of the trees that frame Elements completed the visual art experience. The Diagonal Theatre Company provided us with what almost seemed like impromptu performances, with some superb pyrotechnic performances based on street theatre. The first one was launched on us at 10.30 in the evening with another late one at 1am. Both of these ‘elements' will become regular features for the beach club with regular Sunday performances and visual art displays throughout the summer. Elements wants to use its space to showcase the many artists across Ibiza to give guests a view of the kind of creativity that emanates from this special island.

Locally based OpenLab, which springs from the much-admired radio station of the same name served up its eclectic mix of alternative electro beats. DJs included Robert Miles, Andy Baxter, Alex Wolfenden and Manu Gonzalez. The team gently raised the tempo throughout the day until guests were up and dancing, surrounded by the natural beauty of the beach. The good news in case you feel you missed out on this, is that it too will become a regular Sunday feature for the remainder of the year.

Founder of OpenLab, Robert Miles feels there is a great fit with what they are doing and Elements' way of thinking. He says: “We want to show that we are working with the world around us. We want to recapture the original electronic sound of the island, though interpreted and updated for the 2lst Century. People coming to the island and residents are often seeking an alternative to the Miami style super-clubs in the south; our aim is to reacquaint people with how it all started.”

So, we say, get on down to Elements if you are looking for some elemental fun and a vibrantly alternative day or night out.

WORDS | Julian Heathcote PHOTOGRAPHY | Remy Sapuletej

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