Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy my tickets here?

These are official Ibiza club tickets at the lowest possible internet prices. You pay the same price online as you pay in official ticket outlets on the island, without any of the hassle of looking for and buying the tickets once you get there.

These online tickets have the same conditions as all pre-sale tickets and more:

  1. Guaranteed entrance: An internet (pre-sale) ticket guarantees your entrance to the club.
  2. Save money: The tickets you buy online are between €5 and €15 CHEAPER than buying at the door.
  3. No extra charges for credit card or PayPal and no delivery costs: You can just turn up at the door with your ticket and a photo ID.
  4. Helps your holiday budget: Paying for your tickets in advance makes it easier to budget for your holiday; and you don't have to take so much money out with you.
  5. Free cancellations: You may cancel nearly all tickets purchased directly through Ibiza Spotlight free of any charge through My orders up to 24 hours prior to the event, and receive a full refund of the amount paid. There are a few tickets which have different cancellation conditions. These parties are labelled clearly in your shopping basket and confirmation email. We are the only Ibiza ticket platform to offer this service.
How does it work?

It's really simple:

  1. Choose your party from the calendar...
  2. Pay with a credit card or PayPal...
  3. Bring your ticket and photo ID to the entrance of the club...
  4. Go in and have the time of your life!
When does the party calendar go online and when do tickets go on sale?

The party calendar normally goes online at the start of each year. Please remember that at the beginning of the year there aren't many parties announced yet, therefor we always leave last year's calendar online so you can get a general idea of what will happen.

Club tickets go on sale as early as from January. Most parties release their schedule and prices at different times, so it may be as late as May before the party you want to buy is available.

What do I need to bring to the club?

The ticket, either on your mobile phone or printed on paper. If you bring your tickets on your mobile, please make sure it is charged. If you can not show a valid ticket you will not be allowed to enter the venue.

A photo ID card which clearly shows your name with a recent photo, at the club entrance. Eg driving licence with photo, personal ID card, passport. No photocopies please.

What is the age limit for entry to the clubs?

You must be minimum 18 years of age to attend any clubbing venues, boat parties or other clubbing-related events.

When do I receive the tickets?

As soon as you have completed your purchase, you are confirmed on the list for that party.

You receive a link to download your tickets on the confirmation screen and we also send you your tickets by email.

Refunds, changes and cancellations

You may cancel nearly all tickets purchased directly through Ibiza Spotlight free of charge through My orders up to 24 hours prior to the event, and receive a full refund of the amount paid.

There are a few tickets which have different cancellation conditions. These are labelled clearly in your shopping basket and confirmation email. Mostly this refers to the number of days before the event you can cancel.

You can't change tickets, but it is very easy to cancel and rebook.

Why are some tickets non-refundable?

Some special parties or tickets with limited availability or special discount prices can not be cancelled and refunded. These parties are labelled clearly in your basket and confirmation email.

What if prices drop after I buy my tickets?

If the official ticket prices drop after you've bought your ticket, we refund the difference. You'll receive it after a few days in your credit card account.

We are the only Ibiza club ticket outlet to do this.

This is only possible because of the excellent and long-standing relationship we have with the venues and promoters. On some occasions the promoters or the venue do not allow us do this.

How do I pay for the tickets?

You can either pay using a Visa/Mastercard, PayPal or Apple Pay on compatible devices.

You will be billed by Ibiza Spotlight S.L. whose name will show up on your credit card / PayPal account.

VIP tickets


For certain parties in Amnesia, we sell VIP Balcony access tickets. It costs between €20 and €40 extra.

This means you get access to the Amnesia VIP Balcony. You do not get access to the separate VIP area with tables (tables cost a lot more).

There is no separate entrance for VIP tickets, you enter the club through the same entrance as other internet tickets.

Dress code: No flip flops and no shorts and tank tops for men.

Can I buy tickets for more than 1 person?

Yes of course, simply select the number of people you want on each ticket. If you are booking for more than one person, the person who's name is on the ticket is responsible for all the persons on the ticket. No person will be able to enter the club without the ticket holder - there are NO exceptions to this rule.

Can I buy tickets for other people?

Yes of course. The person whose name is on the ticket must enter the club with all other persons. No person will be able to enter to the club without the ticket holder - there are NO exceptions to this rule.

This is not possible with PayPal. If you use PayPal, the PayPal account holder's name goes on the tickets.

What if the event is cancelled or my favourite DJ doesn't show up?

In the case of an event cancellation by the organiser, promoter or club, the full value of the ticket will be refunded. You will be advised of the cancellation by email.

Artist no-shows (DJs or live acts not performing even though they have been announced to appear) do not generally entitle for refunds. However, if a headlining artist is not performing for whatever reason, it is the club or promoter's decision whether a partial refund is granted. We always keep our party calendar up to date with any line-up modifications, but last minute changes can happen.


How are my personal details protected?

All payments on Ibiza Spotlight's server are securely encrypted using 256-bit SSL technology. You can see the padlock in the top left hand corner of the URL bar of your browser - which means you can safely transmit your credit card numbers in complete confidence. 

Credit card numbers are NEVER kept by Ibiza Spotlight.

Personal data protection info

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, regarding your personal data management, we inform you:

Data controller: IBIZA SPOTLIGHT S.L., Crta. San José km 3, Sec. 1, Pol. 1, no. 7605, apdo. de correos 1027, 07817 Sant Jordi (ILLES BALEARS)

Purpose: Buying club tickets or activity tickets.

Lawful basis for processing data: subject's consent.

Data disclosure: Your personal data will not be disclosed unless forced by law.

Rights: You have right of access, right to rectification, right to erasure and data portability, and right to restriction of processing, writing a letter accompanied by a copy of an official document evidencing your identity to the Data Controller. You have also the right to logde a complaint with a Supervisory Authority (Spanish Supervisory Authority is Agencia Española de Protección de Datos).

More info: Please visit the Privacy Policy Page in our website.

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