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Unfortunately there is no more availability for Music On General Admission.


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Music On / Pacha
Fri 21 June, 23:59 - 07:00
0 x Dinner at Pacha Restaurant + Entrance Minimum age: 18 years
140.00 €
The full price of your ticket, 140 EUR, can be spent on food and drink at the Pacha restaurant (opens at 21h). Any extra costs must be paid to the restaurant. Your ticket also includes entry to Pacha afterwards. We think this is one of the best value deals on the island. Pacha Restaurant Menu
  We can't offer free cancellation for this venue, but you can buy a cancellation insurance which enables you to cancel for any reason, and at any time up to 1 day before the event - and receive a full refund of the ticket price (the cost of the insurance is non-refundable).
140.00 €

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