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Paella Delivers

Ibiza Town (Eivissa). Delicious freshly made paellas, salads, wines and artisan ice-cream guaranteed to make every gathering a celebration.



If you are having a get together of family or friends and just don't have the time, relax as Paella Delivers can bring freshly made mouthwatering paellas to you - wherever you are on Ibiza with absolutely no delivery charge.

That's right and there's more: as well as offering a range of delicious paellas such as traditional Valencian, seafood and vegan varieties, you can order salads, a range of wines or cava and a selection of artisan ice-creams too. If that weren't enough, Paella Delivers even lets you keep the paella dish!

Whether you are on the beach, in your villa or at home, get fresh paella brought to you and make every gathering a celebration. Each paella can be made for between 4-15 people and the company also offers special “packs” for groups of 6 or 10 people, which includes a paella, 2 bottles of wine and a 1-litre tub of ice cream, with eco cutlery, dishes and napkins included too.

You can pick up your Paella Delivers order as well. Make sure you order your paella at least 4 hours ahead of your intended pick up time and get a discount.

Delivery to: anywhere on Ibiza
Delivery times: Every day of the week from 13:00 to 15.30 and 19:30 to 22:00


Resort: Ibiza Town (Eivissa)