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L'atelier nº 74

Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza. A vibrating, creative space serving healthy food and open to everyone, at the heart of the island.



Dining at L’atelier nº74 is an informal, rustic affair, on a pleasant garden terrace, in the beautiful village of Santa Gertrudis. Originally a concept store, this creative space has grown into a 'laboratory' which invites to explore and experiment with all your senses.

The kitchen serves a great choice of healthy, hearty breakfasts and comfort foods. Simple and generous homemade dishes are prepared with organic, locally sourced produce, straight from farm to table. The selection of salads, sandwiches and burgers will satisfy any meaty, vegetarian or vegan desires. The delicious cakes and homemade drinks and juices will refresh the thirstiest kids, who can even ask for 'creativity at the table' - that's canvas and paints to keep them entertained whilst sitting at the tables.

Food can be taken away or there are even gourmet picnic baskets available on request, if you wish to explore the beauty spots of Ibiza

The amazing Luna Park food trucks, parked in a lively corner by the village children’s playground, serve waffles, pancakes and other treats guaranteed to make you smile.

This lovely venue doubles an educative craft workshop, offering morning and afternoon classes, such as, ceramics, painting, cooking, macrame and many more, for groups of all ages.  All furniture, parasols and crockery can be purchased.

For more information, check out the L'atelier nº74 Workshop page.

Resort: Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza