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We Love We Love We Love!!!

We Love Space, the beyond iconic festival on Sundays at Space with the biggest line-up of any party on the island.

I definitely drew the short straw in Spotlight HQ when I picked out the We Love season preview......quite simply because it's difficult to know where to start. The words legendary, iconic and famous are regularly attached to Ibiza parties, but Sundays at Space and We Love top the lot. This is probably Ibiza's best known clubbing experience, a rite of passage for anyone visiting the island and without question one of those boxes you just have to tick as a clubber.

The trouble in trying to preview the party is the sheer quantity of what's on offer. No party goes on for as many hours, no party has as many DJs, no party has as many genres and sounds represented, no party has such a cosmopolitan crowd and to be honest, no party has been prepared to go quite so full out as We Love have in recent years - Grace Jones, Aphex Twin, The Chemical Brothers, that is some serious investment in pursuit of throwing a good party.

Above all else though, what seems to be overlooked most often where We Love is concerned, is just how forward thinking, experimental and fresh their booking policy is. Think about it, 10 years ago, the line up was dominated by the likes of Sasha, Digweed, Erick Morillo, Carl Cox and Danny Tenaglia, the biggest names around for sure, but also very representative of the old breed of DJs, back in the days when there might be just 50 copies of the hottest track circulating and only for the privileged few. Since then the goalposts have changed for various reasons and so has the emphasis at We Love, look back in 5 years and nobody will have trial blazed more artists than this lot, in that sense We Love is actually a more important party than its ever been. The club also now has 6 distinct areas every week rather than just the old terrace and the Discoteca.

Nothing is impossible, that is other than trying to summarise We Love's summer line-ups - though quick mentions for Joris Voorn and Funkagenda as new residents, as well as the Jupiter-sized closing featuring Aphex Twin and Basement Jaxx - so check the artwork, double check the line-ups and whether it's house, techno, balearic, electro or just massive, multi-million album selling artists you're into.....all bases are covered...Mos Def!

IMPORTANT - Ticket Info and Transport

All ticket holders are entitled to a pass-out, that allows you to leave and re-enter, for We Love. However, you must enter the club before 9pm to obtain this pass-out wristband. If you enter after 9pm, you're in for the night!

Free taxis are available for groups of 4 payers, up to a lvalue of €25. (Please show taxi receipt on the door.)

Half price taxis are available for groups of 3, up to a value of €15. (Please show taxi receipt on the door.)

Free buses for ticket holders will run from Mambo, San Antonio at 11pm and from Bar M (now called Ibiza Rocks Bar) at 12:30am.

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