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528 Theatrical Dining Experience - 528 Ibiza

At 528 Ibiza. A multi-sensory fine-dining experience from the mind of Bartolo Escandell, brought to you by Andy McKay.


What could be finer than enjoying a dinner and show under the same roof? Now imagine there is no roof, and you sit in the warm open-air in the hills of Benimussa above San Antonio. That is the premise behind 528 - a brand new fine-dining experience for summer 2021.

A longterm idea of Bartolo Escandell, the owner of Benimussa's vast estate has been waiting for the right opportunity to launch such a concept. That time has arrived.

Now Bartolo has enlisted the help of entertainment specialist Andy McKay of Ibiza Rocks-fame, to recruit a cast and crew of internationally celebrated professionals to help finally bring this dream to life.

Together with head chef Gonzalo Aragüez and his talented right-hand man Massimiliano Bartelloni, the partnership seeks to establish an innovative new experience that blends fine food, music, art and performance.

This landmark show features skilled dancers, slapstick funnymen, acrobatic contortionists, marvelled bodybuilders and choreographed routines by Artful Entertainment and covers a potted history of Ibiza for a sensory feast under the stars.

528 takes place on Friday, SaturdaySunday and Thursday evening from 19:55 (five to eight) from 6 August.

Vibrating at the healing frequency of 528 Hz, watch in awe as the elements of past and present coalesce at 528.

Venue: 528 Ibiza

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