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Ibiza Virgins' Guide: the smaller club rooms

Shining a light on the island's cosier club rooms

Ibiza's clubs are home to thousands of ravers each and every night, so it's easy to get swept along with the crowd. But in the process, we forget about the little gems that lurk at the end of that corridor we never bothered to walk down, or that staircase we never had the energy to ascend. When big name DJs hold our attention in the main room and production levels are off the scale, it's difficult to tear ourselves away from the main dance floor. But trust us, if you don't put your explorer hat on, you're missing out, because Ibiza's clubs are laden with hidden treasures - you just have to know where to look to find them.

So, if like us, you get a buzz from exploring a club's deepest, darkest crevices, and you want to discover what's hiding in some of Ibiza's most famous clubs beyond the bustling, buzzing main rooms; read on. We're about to help you discover some little corners of club magic.

Funky Room / Pacha

This is a place of wonder. Formerly known as El Cielo, aka The Sky, the Funky Room is situated on Pacha's second floor. Here, you'll find all manner of eclectic sounds (often provided by legendary island DJs like Pippi), but always with a soulful, groove-laden beat, and being appreciated by a crowd full of smiles. It's the perfect antidote to the club's main room, and is ideal if you want a casual bop before heading back to a packed dance floor. On Tuesdays, it becomes Prism Room, when Maceo Plex takes over with his Mosaic party. To date, I've had two memorable moments in this room. The first was witnessing one of my favourites, Gold Panda, tinkle around with all sorts of machines while no more than 40 of us stood in the crowd. The second was being front row to see Maceo Plex warm up before he headed over to the main room - a set that was completely unique and injected with hip-hop flecks. The Funky room is a real secret gem - go and have a peek and you'll be hooked.

How to get there: Walk across the main Pacha dance floor (as you're walking in from the main entrance) and look for the staircase on the left. You'll pass through the Funky Room on your way up to the Rooftop Terrace.

El Salón / Space

El Salón is the place to be, especially during Spotlight takeovers when we dole out funky tunes and free shots (courtesy of Spotlight clubbing head honcho, Stivi). El Salón is padded out with comfortable seats lining its walls and a bar that won't take you a year to get served - it's an intimate, chilled out place to hang when you want a break from the Discoteca or Terraza madness. Given the sheer size of Space (it can hold 6,000 happy ravers), El Salón has a vibe all of its own, so while it's good for chilling, don't be surprised if you head here and discover the party's going off. This unassuming little room has an unpredictable atmosphere and is so upbeat it often keeps you in its clutches for hours at a time. It really comes into its own during opening and closing parties, when the feelgood tunes come thick and fast and joy seeps from the ceiling - needless to say, you should make a beeline for it before Space closes its doors forever on Sunday 2 October.

How to get there: From the main entrance, turn right into the Terraza, walk across the dance floor and up the stairs directly on the other side - El Salón is through the doors in front of you. Or, you can go the long way round by going across the Sunset Terrace, through the Discoteca and follow the corridor around to the back of the club (past the toilets and the shop on your left). It sounds harder than it is. If you get lost, consult the map near the shop, or ask someone. Or just stay lost, that's fun too.

Cinema Room / Sankeys

This little-known gem isn't a smaller dance floor - it's something a bit more out there, because sometimes, mid-rave, we all need to have a little sit down, to converse with some strangers and smoke a rollie. And where better to do that than at a homemade cinema? Now, before you get too excited, this is no surround sound, luxury cinema with plush sofas and popcorn, but it is dark and absolutely perfect for sitting and watching a snippet of a film with your new best mates. Be warned - the choice of film isn't always what you might feel like watching while raving (horror films are a favourite), so take that into consideration if you're in a bit of a wonky state of mind. Also, on Thursdays you get to toilet rave, because Unusual Suspects takes the action to the bathroom for an extended rave. You have to see it to believe it.

How to get there: Take the stairs to the smoking area and mooch right over to the right hand corner. Sometimes it's open, sometimes it's not, but push through the doors and wham, cinema.

The Bathroom / Pikes

I've become a regular at Pikes over the course of this, my inaugural summer on the White Isle, and there are no words to sum up my eternal love for it. None. It's no surprise that there are hidden wonders lurking in its grounds - you stumble across nonsense in every nook and cranny of this venue - and that's partly what makes each and every visit completely different. If you're feeling vocal, join Pikes' main man, Sunny, in the bathroom for a spot of bathtub, plastic ball infused karaoke. It's rare these days that the doors are open to this room of ridiculousness, so if you get the opportunity for a singalong, get involved. Then, if you make a good impression, you might be lucky enough to be invited to dress up with Sunny in his boutique. Just practice your roller skating skills before you come. That's all we're saying.

How to get there: Head for Freddie's, and if karaoke is kicking off, you'll find it on the way. Meandering through Pikes' maze of rooms is all part of the adventure.

Vista Club / Privilege

Despite being the world's biggest club (and having a dance floor to match), Privilege is also home to Vista Club, a more intimate room with kaleidoscopic windows that form the iconic roof. Vista Club is home to parties like Solid Grooves, and rightly has a reputation as one of the best places on the island to watch sunrise, particularly when you're mid-rave and riding high on wave of adrenalin. This room is an architectural dream and a DJs' paradise - a combination that makes it a impressively memorable place to party.

How to get there: Walk through the main club and keep directly right - it's in the opposite corner of the club from the way you enter. Luckily, pretty hard to miss.

WORDS | Ruby Munslow

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