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Review: Revival Wellness Club, Santa Eulalia

Situated in the 5* Aguas de Ibiza Hotel, our reviewer Hannah investigates the Revival Wellness Club

Unfamiliar to both Santa Eularia and the Revival Wellness Centre - which is housed underneath the 5 star Aguas de Ibiza hotel, I was excited for an afternoon of pampering in the picturesque resort. I had pre-booked two treatments called Eurowave and Pressotheraphy, which although a little alien to me sounded more up my street than a standard massage.

On arrival I was greeted by Kelly and James who together run the centre; after a warm reception and guided tour around the Spa, gym and hotel I was led into the treatment room. Having seen crystal clear water in the Aqua Spin pool, enticing massage beds throughout the Spa, a roof top bar and exercise area plus an unbelievable sauna section I was starting to doubt my choice of treatments. However after a reassuring chat with Kelly – who definitely knows her stuff, I was eager to try out some 21st century fitness aids.

I started with Pressotheraphy – a detoxifying treatment aimed to help treat cellulite and redefine body shape whilst enhancing skin tone. For this I was kitted out in the finest ghostbuster-esq outfit which resembled a body sized blood pressure monitor and definitely wasn't my best look; but after being connected up by pipes and velcro I was keen to see what this concoction could do. Operating in waves of pressure from my feet to my stomach each section of the padding filled with air embracing my body shape and then releasing to work on another area. This treatment was unbelievably relaxing and I had to fight my heavy eyelids from closing throughout. The temptation to drift off into the land of Pressotheraphy was all too much and to say I was relaxed by the end of the treatment would be an understatement.

Aguas de Ibiza Spa & MWellness

Not expecting to feel stones lighter or be the owner of new baby soft skin I was actually surprised to feel a little more defined and toned – but perhaps this was because I had been continuously squeezed into my ideal form for 30 minutes, only time would tell... A little hesitant about the next treatment, I decided to take the easy option and have a shorter session than the recommended half an hour. Similar to Pressotheraphy, Eurowave aims to rid your body of excess fluids and toxins as well as tone and help with cellulite but instead it uses faradic currents to work your stomach muscles.

A little anxious for the supposed 'shocks' I was about to receive I was admittedly more tense than before and expecting the worst. Once the pads were stuck onto my stomach and the wires had been attached I was ready for my 15 minutes of 'fun'. To my surprise and huge relief the treatment was actually great fun and I was in fits of laughter with each current – possibly not the usual reaction but nevertheless it proved it was enjoyable. Small but intense vibrations worked through my stomach visibly showing my muscles contracting which was a little strange but also rather enjoyable. So, my afternoon of bizarre Spa treatments was complete and I was left feeling really pampered and full of energy. I would definitely recommend these wonderfully innovative treatments and can only describe the Wellness Centre as a Spa goers paradise.

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Photographs by James Chapman

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