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Eden Energy medicine treatments & classes

EEM combines the ancient wisdom of various healing traditions with modern science to promote healing, relaxation and increased vitality. It is a natural and safe method that eases pain, releases stress, strengthens your immune system and balances your hormones.

It has been effective in helping to treat many forms of illness, and works in conjunction with other medical and therapeutic techniques.

This hands-on treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through your entire being balancing and rejuvenating the body's vital energies. It strengthens the meridians, calms the nervous system, rebalances the chakras, and renews the aura.

You can also learn EEM energy exercises that empower you to participate in your own health and well being on a daily basis. The Five Minute Daily Energy Routine is a powerful practice that is both easy to learn and fun to use. These simple exercises allow you to bring strength and vitality into all of your body's systems every day. Additional exercises can be added to the daily routine to attain specific goals such as weight management, balanced hormones and mental clarity.

As you can see, Eden Energy Medicine can be enjoyed either as a gentle and relaxed body treatment or as a daily health and healing practice. In both ways EEM works holistically to bring vibrant health and vitality to all parts of your being - Body, Mind and Spirit.

EEM courses for all agesAbout Sabina Brownstein: Over the past decade Sabina has continued to enhance her natural healing gifts, which she shares as an Energy Therapist, Health / Wellness Teacher, and Holistic Healer on Ibiza and worldwide online.
Her passion is to help others to empower themselves to stay vibrantly healthy and heal naturally.

Each of these programs below can be enjoyed individually or combined to suit your personal needs.

(incl. Health & Wellness Counseling)

You will experience Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) which combines modern science with the ancient wisdom of various natural healing traditions to restore and maintain your body's flow, harmony and health. Your session will be designed for specific energetic effects that will:

- ease pain,
- release stress,
- boost your immune system,
- balance your hormones,
- strengthen meridians and chakras.

You will also learn simple EEM techniques that empower you in supporting your own health & healing.

(incl.Health & Wellness Counseling)

EFT is a simple yet remarkable healing technique that reduces the stress that underlies much disease. The way that it works is by tapping a combination of specific meridian points while at the same time voicing the problem. This has the amazing effect of clearing the emotional blockage or "short circuit" that is the root cause of the issue.

EFT is very effective in Pain Management, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Traumas and a variety of other emotional and health issues. EFT often works where nothing else will !

(incl. 1 Soul Card Reading and Chakra Balancing)

A unique experience of gentle bodywork and chakra balancing combined with beautiful healing music.
Specifically designed to help you let go of stress, release tension, calm your mind and connect with your soul.
It is better than you can imagine..........

HEALING BACK PAIN NATURALLY (incl. Health & Wellness Counseling)

Working with Dr. Art Brownstein's proven Mind/Body program you will learn the best yoga-based stretches to strengthen and align the muscles surrounding your back. This holistic approach to pain relief also includes nutritional advice and stress reduction techniques. If you have the intention to overcome back pain then I can give you the tools to do it effectively and naturally.

You can contact Sabina Brownstein via Ibiza Wellness - see link below.