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Ibiza Virgins' Guide: Ibiza Rocks

The rockstar who hung-up his guitar and morphed into the coolest kid on the block.

After finding success with the infamous MANUMISSION party and bringing live bands to Bar M, Ibiza Rocks Hotel was the next bold vision of entertainment mogul Andy McKay and then-wife and business partner Dawn Hindle.

They envisioned a place to stay and party all under one roof, where you wouldn't run the risk of noise complaints from the room next door. It made so much sense, you have to wonder why nobody thought of it before?

Opening its doors in 2008, Ibiza Rocks has always kept its finger on the pulse and isn't afraid to move with the times.

It has a reputation for booking the biggest names in the world before they get famous. In many cases, a show at Ibiza Rocks is a stepping stone to a successful career as a musician.

"I thought Ibiza Rocks played Rock music?"

Ah, well that it did, until summer 2018 when it flipped to its youth-focused new direction. Ibiza Rocks still has the same rebellious streak it always did, only now it's more poppin' bottles and Hip-Hop swagger than headbanging mosh pits and guitar strumming.

Our guide with give you the rundown on what to expect and how to maximise your enjoyment once there.

Quick facts

Number of rooms: One massive outdoor stage complete with a dancefloor, rows of bars, VIP zones and a hot tub... you can even dance in the pool. Oh, but let's not forget the 362 guest rooms at the hotel. Choose from basic to pool view, plus to terrace. Or even the rooftop suite!

Capacity: 2,500

Famous for: Initially for bringing the biggest bands in the world to Ibiza, Libertines frontman Pete Doherty's stage dive, the second coming of Craig David, being in a constant of evolution (check-out the latest upgrades), resident DJ Doorly's shot sinking prowess, Stormzy's riotous #MERKY Fest, sister venue Ibiza Rocks Bar's chicken pitta - you need to taste it to understand

Vibe: Made for living your best life. They don't call it "the home of the pool party" for no reason

Go if: You want to hear the biggest current and established Ibiza anthems in your swimwear

Trivia: The name for Craig David's party, TS5, is a reference to his Miami penthouse address where he threw gatherings for his friends: Tower Suite 5, Mondrian South Beach, Miami FL

How to get there

Ibiza Rocks is right in the middle of central San Antonio, roughly halfway between the Sunset Strip and the West End. Longtime island visitors may recall it being known as Hotel Club Paraiso many, many moons ago (showing your age there!)

You can walk to Ibiza Rocks from anywhere in San Antonio, including the bus station. Although on the days when it's really hot, we can understand why you might want to arrive in a taxi - especially for anybody wearing make-up and/or heeled footwear.

We hear you, girls. Fashion comes at the price of comfort.

In that case a taxi will set you back around €10 or a bit more from San Antonio Bay. Taxis from Ibiza Town and Playa d'en Bossa will cost €27 to €35 each way. Taxis drop-off and pick-up immediately outside.

Street parking is tortuous in San Antonio at the best of times, but more so during summer. Not worth the stress in our opinion.

The best bet for finding a nearby space is the wasteland in front of the Sunset Strip, which is only a five-minute walk away.

The home of the pool party

Ten, even seven, years ago Ibiza Rocks was the best place to catch live bands on the island. No surprise given its name.

That all changed after the success that Craig David brought in summer 2016. It was a revolution. Sure, the residency played its part in helping him revive his pop career, but the crowds he drew spoke for themselves. Times were changing.

Then and now. Craig David is evergreen

Coupled with the shift towards daytime partying, this made Ibiza Rocks rethink its model. In the following years, bands were phased out and replaced with DJs, MCs and singers. The party hotel went from two events a week to daily pool parties.

Craig David is still a firm Ibiza Rocks favourite and we totally understand why Ibiza Rocks don't want to let him go. The man is box office, pure and simple. He's joined by fellow big-name weekly residents Joel Corry and Becky Hill.

Newcomers Nathan Dawe and Switch Disco (Ibiza Anthems) are also on board, but you can expect to find dates for Fatboy Slim, Aitch, Central Cee, Mabel and Sonny Fodera throughout the summer. All worth keeping an eye out for.

Central Cee at Ibiza Rocks

Star of TikTok, UK rapper Central Cee was a crowd-pleaser in summer 2022

Tickets start at €20 and go as high as €50 for the headline names, but you can usually save €10 by buying pre-16:00 entry tickets and arriving early. Why not make the most of dancing in the sun?

If you're not fussed on names and simply want to go for the experience, you can pick up tickets for poolside sessions for as little as €20 in early and late summer. That's not to be sniffed at.

Food & drink

Whatever your tipple, Ibiza Rocks has you covered. From ice-cold beer on tap to aluminium bottles, spirits and mixers to slushie cocktails not to mention soft drinks and water. Budget €7 for a beer, while spirits and mixers start from €10 and €12 for cocktails.

If you really want to ball hard, then round up your squad and go four-ways on a premium bottle of spirit between you. Due to the popularity of bottle service, we can only recommend booking in advance. Don't leave it until you arrive before enquiring.

If it's solids you're after, Ibiza Rocks has a delicious food menu that includes pizzas, salads, burgers, nachos and mezze-like dishes.

You can grab these as general admission ticket holders, but if you have a bed, table, sofa or balcony booking, your waitress will bring directly to you. Food can be included as part of your minimum spend allowance, as well as bottles of spirit and champagne.

No matter whether you're vegetarian, vegan or gluten intolerant, Ibiza Rocks caters to all dietary requirements.

For anybody who gets a hunger on after leaving, Kebab Star at the bottom of the hill has satisfied many a drunken reveller. A real post-Ibiza Rocks ritual down the years.

Dress code

It's a pool party, what more do we need to say? Yes, absolutely bring your trunks, bikinis and towels. Chances are you're going to get a little splashed whether you intend on getting into the water or not. It's all good fun!

Equally, you aren't going to feel out of place if you come wearing a skirt or maxi dress or in t-shirt, shorts and trainers.

Nudity is not allowed, so any topless sunbathing please save for the beach ladies. Don't worry, there's still plenty of exposed flesh to feast your eyes on. It's not a nunnery.


Resident DJs open the first few hours of the party, before the support acts start. Headliners then start any time from 17:00 to 20:00, sometimes closing the party but not always. It's worth arriving in plenty of time just to make sure you don't miss your favourites.

You've already bought your ticket, so you might as well get your money's worth. Make the most of the pool, get the drinks in and mingle before heading to the dancefloor.

Cloakroom / ATM

Unfortunately, there are no cloakroom or locker room facilities currently at Ibiza Rocks. Therefore we recommend taking only the bare essentials.

Even if you fancy yourself as a shade-dweller, that should probably include sun protection. Ibiza Rocks is a suntrap. Tan us up!

And lads, remember however big and tough you may think you are, you aren't tougher than the sun. We don't want to sound like your mum or dad, but sunburn is not a good look. Don't ruin your holiday.

If you have a day-bed or other VIP area booked, then bringing a bag is a little more convenient, as you have your own designated area. Even so, the less you bring the better.

Please be aware that all bags are searched on arrival as a condition of entry.

There is an ATM located at the hotel entrance in the lobby. Please ask desk staff or security to direct you if you aren't sure. There is also an ATM outside the hotel and many more located in close vicinity. Most will charge a handling fee, especially if you are using a foreign debit card.

All bars accept contactless or chip and pin payment, as well as cash.

Ibiza Rocks' Opening and Closing parties

Ibiza Rocks swings open its doors early - in what northern Europe might call Springtime! 30 March is the date for 2023. Although the hotel is open to stay in from this date, poolside parties do not begin until later. These start from 26 April.

The Sound of Ibiza Rocks, Colada Club and Sunday Service are fun-filled soundtracked by Ibiza Rocks' esteemed resident DJs, but this is Ibiza Rocks lite. The big names don't start turning up until the Opening Weekend (of which there are two in 2023!), taking place in mid-May.

Ibiza Rocks season runs until the end of September, slowly winding down from the end of August and ending on a single date Closing Party.

This article is part of our Ibiza Virgins' Guides, packed full of information on how to get the most out of your stay on Ibiza. Check them out.

PHOTOGRAPHY | by Elliot Young & Gabi Escalofrios

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