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At home COVID testing service from Ibiza Care

Get tested in your home, hotel, holiday villa or even on your boat.

We decided to try out the same day Ibiza Care testing service. As it happened, I had been invited at very short notice to a dinner party that evening. My son had recently recovered from COVID, and I wanted to make sure I was negative before going to the party and, also, wanted to do an antibody test to see whether I may have had it in the past without realising.

Ibiza Care offer a same day testing service, whereby you receive the results on the same day as long as you test before 16:00. I was determined to try this out.

I clicked on the GET IN TOUCH button on our Ibiza Care page – they have a WhatsApp business account – this has to be the quickest and easiest way to make a booking nowadays.

I received a friendly reply within a minute. I shared my location and was informed the nurse would be round at my house in approximately one hour.

Alfonso, the nurse, arrived almost exactly one hour later. The test comprised of:

  1. Same day PCR test
  2. Antibody test

Both were carried out with a minimum of fuss. The entire procedure took about 20 minutes. Alfonso also works at the hospital and explained he had taken thousands of these tests – I felt in very safe hands.

I received the results at 20:00 that evening – just in time for the party! Luckily, I was negative and was able to attend. I had high levels of antibodies, which can also come from the vaccine, which I have had, so I think the antibody test is of more use to someone who hasn’t been vaccinated yet.

Ibiza Care will come to your home, yacht, villa or hotel. If you wish to be tested professionally at home, this is an excellent service.

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