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Food review: Kasamore, Ibiza Marina

Exquisite Mediterannean food with awesome views of Ibiza Town.

Why go? For a relaxing evening meal in a superb location, with romantic views of Ibiza Town's walled citadel and marina

What kind of food is it? Italian/Spanish fusion, with the best produce from around the northern Mediterranean

What's the ambience like? Relaxed and unpretentious, with a mixed crowd of clients. The restaurant is peaceful, with a nice atmosphere and a cool breeze

Where is it located? At the Mikasa Boutique Hotel, just behind Marina Botafoch, with lovely views across the water

Reviewer's top tip: The desserts are exceptional


The word "oasis" is an oft-used cliché, but in the case of the restaurant Kasamore, it is verifiably true. Solid wooden beams, terracotta and cane create a uniquely serene atmosphere along with charming surrounding glitz.

The same rustic aesthetic extends to the Mikasa Boutique Hotel, where the restaurant is housed. Although situated in close proximity to the city, the hotel manages to maintain a uniquely rustic spirit throughout its 16 individually-styled rooms.

Sitting on an open-air terrace, with the sun just setting behind the imposing silhouette of Ibiza's medieval citadel, we await our meal with anticipation. The sky is hewn with orange and purple; lights are twinkling on the boats of the marina and there's a gentle breeze, just taking the edge off another sweltering Mediterranean evening.

I have a chilled glass of Verdejo in my hand and the chef is about to serve his favourite dishes for us to try. Does it get any better than this?

Creamy Burrata with rocket and black cherries

To start we were presented with the tartare de gelatina, a dish of fresh tomatoes with red onion and avocado, topped with ventresca, or tuna belly and cress. It's fresh, it's summery and it's laced with a refreshing tang of citrus to give the dish some impact on the tongue.

Our delicious tartare de gelatina

We always love a nice creamy Burrata cheese and here it is served with seasonal fruit and a balsamic vinegar reduction. This month, this delicate Italian cousin of Mozzarella is accompanied by black cherries all on top of a bed of rocket, making for a spectacular combination. Unctuous creaminess combined with cherry sweetness along with the bitterness of the green leaf all work in perfect harmony.

Melt-in-the-mouth meat: the Ossobuco Kasamore

The chef also introduced us to the restaurant's signature dish, Ossobuco Kasamore, with fried cinnamon gnocchi and a red wine sauce. The heart-shaped cut of veal shin, resting on the gnocchi, looked almost too enticing to eat. This slow-cooked dish has the meat falling off the bone and the rich sauce was taste perfect for even this hottest of nights.

Crispy, flaky, yummy baked sea bass

Next it was on to a classic Ibiza summer dish of baked sea bass, here beautifully presented with the fillet perfectly fried with a crispy edge to the skin and flaky white flesh. It comes served with roasted red pepper puree and asparagus with a confit of potato that's infused with beetroot juice to make an eye-catching statement on the plate. Beautiful food that simply invites you to eat it all up.

Kasamore lemon pie - a work of art

The pièce de résistance at Kasamore has to be the dessert course for absolute works of art on a plate, as delicious as they are aesthetically pleasing. The Kasamore lemon pie comes served in a goblet and is pure fresh and creamy deliciousness. We really loved the mango crumble with passion fruit, with a spectacular crispy biscuit base and a delightful explosion of delicate fruit flavour.

Mango crumble - divine crunch and delicate fruit

This is a place that invites you to try all three courses with the emphasis on great quality over too much quantity, leaving you with that satisfied feeling of a meal much enjoyed.


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