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Ibiza on tour | Circoloco London preview

Saturday 14 December at The Drumsheds.

Circoloco is a legend. Synonymous with DC10, it's a party reaching parity with the notoriety of its venue. The two simply go hand-in-hand. While other parties have slowly been added to DC10's programme down the years, Circoloco was the original.

Today, over two decades later, it remains the benchmark.

Circoloco has also stood defiantly autonomous in the era of the superstar DJ. Not only a rare example of having established itself without a lead protagonist but continuing to do so in the modern climate.

A packed DC10 Garden bathed in red light

Dozens of DJs are considered “Circoloco talent,” but its success cannot be put down to a single person. It runs far deeper than that. Circoloco's reputation has been built collectively. In the booth and on the dance floor.

Quite the opposite, the party itself has been the catalyst for catapulting DJs in the elite league. A few have flown the nest. Others have stayed. Some have even returned. Getting booked to play for Circoloco is still regarded as one of the biggest goals a DJ can achieve.

Like other promotions, Circoloco's exploits on Ibiza have fed demand for the brand to tour the world. In the next few months alone, the party will head to Miami, Thailand and Dubai, not to mention its annual curtain-raiser back home at DC10 on New Year's Day.

However, before then, we have our sights set firmly on the party's return to London.


Few individuals epitomise Circoloco's underground nature better than Seth Troxler. Alongside his contemporaries The Martinez Brothers, Seth has become one of the party's most notable faces. He can regularly be found playing the go-home set on the terrace.

Troxler is joined by special guest Joseph Capriati. Capriati may not have made his name at Circoloco, but a career that has exploded in recent years has more than warranted a call-up.

Deep house duo Bedouin is an act on the ascent. The American pair with Middle Eastern ancestry are building a reputation as storytellers. Weaving melodies and rhythms into a captivating tale on the dance floor, the stars of Saga might be the underground's next big artists.

In contrast to the tech-house found elsewhere on the line-up, the likes of Gerd Janson, DJ Tennis and Job Jobse will be keeping things interesting with deeper sounds.

The venue

Aside from the numerous stages that the party has hosted at UK festivals, Circoloco always picks out diamonds for its London parties. In the past, it has taken over The Coronet theatre and glitzy music hall Brixton Academy. It has even invaded agricultural museum, The Hop Farm.

After last year's date at Printworks, Circoloco London is super-sizing for 2019. This time it takes on Printworks' sister venue, The Drumsheds. You may recall our earlier visit in November.

Located in Meridian Water, the former BOC gasworks site presumably housed machinery and material of considerable size.

The hulking centre warehouse with its imposing ceiling is a jumbo arena. A world away from the Balearic aired flight path of DC10, it is visually striking nevertheless. Underground fans should relish the opportunity to dance inside its void.

Setting the record straight

Circoloco's return to the UK capital comes almost a year to the day of its last visit.

The run-up to the 2018 date was marred by controversy. The furore centred around, what some observers perceived to be, a subpar line-up. They were wrong. After all, the event sold out off the back of Circoloco's reputation long before the line-up had even dropped.

Even so, the discontented minority made their voices heard, and the organisers hastily made 11th-hour amendments.

Come the day of the party, Circoloco did what it does best: putting on a show that placed incredible underground music at the forefront and moving the spotlight away from the celebrity of individuals. Point proved - though a lingering taste was left.

Fast forward to this year's event. Seth Troxler is arguably the biggest name Circoloco has ever produced - and he's still its loudest, most vocal cheerleader. Seth's skewed outlook on life is a refreshing tonic, making him the scene's most absorbing commentator.

Alongside him, Joseph Capriati adds magnitudinous clout. A DJ whose arsenal of records is capable of shaking the most indomitable of venues, the man slight of frame is a titan in the booth. Capriati's stock rises with each passing year. His diehard support follows him wherever he plays.

The Drumsheds will be no different. You won't be able to miss them. The Italians don't party with discretion.

Gerd Janson and DJ Tennis play b2b at last year's Printworks' show

Gerd Janson and DJ Tennis - two survivors from last year's line-up - may not be as familiar to the casual dance music fan. But make no mistake, they will let their music do the talking. Whether they are quietly stealing the show themselves or having their labels' music soundtrack the parties, they have helped define the modern sound of Circoloco.

Then we have a wildcard in Gideön. Neither a name affiliated with Circoloco or found on large-scale events too often, Gideön is best known as the driving force behind Glastonbury safe-space NYC Downlow. That alone should tell you much about his character.

A besotted vinyl enthusiast, in addition to being a spokesperson for the underrepresented LGBTQ community, Gideön brings a different perspective to the party.

On the “undercard,” for want of a better phrase, Circoloco has put faith in the likes of Carista and Smokey. Relative unknowns, sure, but discovery is where the fun lies! And if we hadn't realised by now, it's time we started to trust Circoloco's hawkeye for talent.

Circoloco London arrives at The Drumsheds, Meridian Waters on Saturday 14 December. You can grab the last remaining tickets here.

Whilst we have yet to receive confirmation, we anticipate Circoloco returning to DC-10, Ibiza next summer. Stayed tuned to our newsfeed for the latest announcements.

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