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Around the island with Excursiones Ibiza

Exploring the beauty and wonder of Ibiza's coastline with Excursiones Ibiza.

Imagine being able to cruise around the entire island on a traditional, locally crafted Ibizan boat, all in one day. The Excursiones Ibiza around the island tour lets you do just that - and there are even free drinks and a selection of traditional Spanish food to keep you going. Neat.

Ibiza Spotlight was invited onboard for a full day of exploration, relaxation and education. A triple header of fun with Excursiones Ibiza and a mix of people from all over the world.

From the awe-inspiring cliff faces of the north to the white sands of Espalmador just before Formentera in the south, our journey was ready to show us all that Ibiza's stunning coastline has to offer.

Heading North

Morning broke in San Antonio without a cloud in the sky. We parked our bag and settled in as the crew on-board readied up the traditional wooden vessel.

After a quick pick-up stop in San Antonio Bay, the boat headed to the north of the island, where we were met with spectacular views of wild and Jurassic-like cliff faces.

The boat moved closer to Margarita Island, where the atmosphere was idyllic. It was just us, one small fisherman's boat and a lazy seagull who hitchhiked a ride on the top deck.

Our guide Leo explained that we were the passing the wildest part of Ibiza. The towering rocks covered the sun as falcons patrolled the darkened sky. It was an awe-inspiring and beautiful sight.

Celebrity swim-stop

Seclusion for celebrities on Tagomago island

The next stop was close to San Miguel, where we pulled-up by the heavenly Benirrás Beach. It was my first time at this part of the island and, before this trip, I'd never thought it would appeal to me, but this is why the Excursiones Ibiza tour suits all, not just families and couples. It offers a convenient way to get a taster of potential spots you might want to visit at a later date.

After a sun-soaked morning on the sea – and a quick pick-up in Portinatx – our boat anchored at the first swim-stop next to exclusive Tagomago Island.

The clear water was a window to the deep sea where schools of fish surrounded the boat. It was a refreshing interval at the half-way point in the trip. You can see why celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo frequent this private piece of Ibiza.


Time for a walk around historic Ibiza old town

After the swim, hunger built and in the corner of my eye I saw food heaven in the shape of a huge paella pan, fresh bread rolls and salad. We were fed well – there was even enough for a second helping.

In the afternoon, the boat made its way towards Ibiza Town. This was to be the longest stop in the excursion. We had an hour to tour the old town. I used it to shake off my sea legs and grab an ice-cream by the port. I felt like a holidaymaker and was loving every minute of it.

The wonders of Ibiza

Es Vedra, majestic and mystical

A surprise swim stop at Espalmador was for me the absolute highlight of the day. Just off Formentera, this islet is a yacht magnet. Dotted across its crystal waters are plenty of boats filled with paradise seekers. It was a pleasure to be able to take a dip here and walk across a spot untouched by development and filled with beauty.

Anticipation was building for the second part of the trip. From here we would travel to Es Vedra and see one of Ibiza's best wonders. As we approached this rock, you could feel a magical energy as the boat drifted across the sea. The rock grew bigger and bigger, until it towered above and turned everything dark. It was an incredible sight. To see this majestic rock this close was amazing. A rejuvenating breeze blew over as the boat made its way back to San Antonio.

a fun packed tour

Jurassic-like rocks spring out everywhere going around Ibiza's coast

Twelve hours may seem like a long time to spend on a boat, but the regular stops help break the day up. In the end it felt like a fleeting journey since it was so fun packed with swimming and sightseeing that the hours rolled by quickly.

The nature seen on the way is breathtaking and if you don't want to swim, there's always sunbathing. The crew was in high spirits all day. You really felt like they wanted to show you all they could and were proud in doing so.

The Excursiones Ibiza around the island tour comes strongly recommended. Holidays are short and to see so much in one day makes it all worthwhile. Fire up the explorer inside you and book your trip now.

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