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Decibel - Champagne of Ibiza

A unique champagne for Clubbers!

From Caves to Raves, a brand new concept by Decibel, has been designed to create a truly unique and meaningful Champagne experience for clubbers.

The idea was formed in 2011 when Jorge Vallet was working at Ushuaia in Playa d'en Bossa, and found himself pondering the fact that none of the Champagne brands seemed meaningful for the real clubbers of Ibiza, and how he would really like to see a specific "Champagne of Ibiza." As we all know, the island has a strong connection to electronic music, so the idea of somehow adding music to Champagne started to grow, and of course, the first question had to be "how does electronic music taste?"

Realising that sound is a factor that affects Champagne, and that it was not something that had been experimented with before, Jorge set out to investigate...a process which took more than a year of research and interviews with sommeliers, sound engineers and PhDs in "Ciencias de la Alimentacion."

The result led to bottles of class Champagne being placed in underground caves in France, then different mixes of the best electronic music from Ibiza, by DJs from around the globe, being played through powerful speakers. This then infused special sound waves and vibrations which catalysed the fermentation process as the sound hit the bottles, and different (some say smaller) bubbles were formed.

This mix of beats and bubbles is designed to bridge the gap between Champagne-classicism and clubbing reality, with the aim of merging the soul and mind of Ibiza with pure French Champagne. The result…a deeper music experience as you literally sip the tracks you are dancing to!

Decibel is powered by a small group of passionate artisans and true music connoisseurs, and they are currently producing a documentary of short interviews with sommeliers, DJs, Champagne producers, artists, sound engineers and some of Ibiza's colourful characters.

You can find out more information about this unique idea by visiting Champagne Decibel's website -

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