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Review: Sa Flama restaurant, San Antonio

Got a hearty appetite and appreciate good food? Sa Flama in San Antonio is a hit!

S'Estanyol is a small beach in Ibiza close to the Hotel Bergatin in San Antonio bay. There, tucked away is beach restaurant Sa Flama. Unpretentious and shaded by trees you might never know it was there. Well, If you happen to be in the bay one of these fine days with a hearty appetite and are looking for, quite frankly, a huge meal, then this most definitely is the restaurant for you!

Sa Flama has a spacious terrace with great sea views and nicely spaced tables allowing you to eat and chat intimately. In front of the terrace is a golden, sandy beach dotted (but not over-crowded) with sunbeds and umbrella's, for those who fancy a snooze on the beach after lunch (and you will)! We were pleased to note that the flat, spacious terrace was also easy to access for wheelchairs as disabled access is often overlooked here in Ibiza.

The menu offers a good range of salads, sandwiches, pizza/pasta, tapas and burgers. But there is something that makes this more than the average beach restaurant amongst the many in San Antonio bay. They have a secret weapon. They have a selection of delicious, authentic Mexican dishes on the menu. And, as I was about to find out, an authentic Mexican chef!

My companion and I sat down and were attended to quickly and courteously. Within 2 minutes we each had a menu and a glass of chilled house wine in our hands. A gleaming white sailboat glided by. I surveyed the scene, smiled and remembered how lucky I am to live in Ibiza!

We opted to share a simple goats cheese salad for starters as it was still quite early and we wanted to leave plenty of space for the main course. The plate arrived and I almost fell of my chair in surprise! It was enormous! A veritable mountain of mixed leaves, tomato, onion and grated carrot, with an extra-large piece of creamy goats cheese and a honey balsamic dressing. Easily enough for two people!

We decided to ask for the house recommendation for the main course. Our friendly waiter, Salvador, informed us without hesitation (in perfect English btw!) that the chicken fajitas were the most popular dish in the restaurant. So, being a big fan of Mexican dishes, my companion ordered the fajitas and I went for the grilled swordfish.

Our mains arrived perfectly timed, about 10 minutes after the starter. We were presented with two truly enormous plates of food! My companion and I looked at each other in astonishment - such sized portions are rare in Ibiza!

We tucked in valiantly! The swordfish was nicely cooked with a mild taste and came accompanied with hot crispy fries and a side salad. But it was the fajitas that really impressed us. Quite aside from the massive portion (easily enough for two average appetites to share) the fajitas were really authentically tasty and came smothered with melted cheese. The tortillas came charmingly presented in traditional Mexican style and were accompanied by home-made guacamole, tomato salsa and deliciously spicy jalapeños.

Now I've spent quite a lot of time in Mexico and I know an authentic dish when I taste one. Although Ibiza has no shortage of restaurants that serve Mexican food, I had never tasted a dish quite as skilfully prepared as this one. So off I went to speak to the chef to find out how they had got their food so right!

I was greeted like family by the marvellously warm Balvina, who turned out to be our friendly waiter, Salvador's wife. This woman really loves to cook! Most of all, she loves to cook her country's dishes using recipes passed down to her by the family, in the traditional style. She uses only ingredients brought over from Mexico to prepare her delicious dishes. This is a great find here in Ibiza.

Salvador and Balvina have been running Sa Flama for years and pride themselves on how many of their clients return year after year. Expect prompt service, huge portions, fantastic value and some of the most authentic Mexican food I've tried here in Ibiza. This reviewer will definitely be visiting again soon!

Quick Facts:

Where: S'Estanyol beach, San Antonio Bay (opposite the Hotel Bergatin).

When: Open every day 11am - midnight throughout the summer for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What: Pizza/pasta, burgers, salads, seafood and Mexican.

Why: Relaxed atmosphere and chilled music, great view, excellent value.

Average spend per head: €20-25 including drinks.

Top tips: Try Balvina's deliciously authentic Mexican cuisine! Disabled Access.

Sa Flama restaurant, San Antonio bay - Staff

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