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Summer Night Sky Walks - meteorite shower (Puerto de San Miguel)

Make a wish! Or two, or three....

Tuesday 11 Aug 2020
From: 22:00

Where: Walking Ibiza Community Walks, Puerto de San Miguel, Ibiza

This is one of the years most anticipated astronomical events, the perseides meteor shower which passes by annually and gives the most shooting stars per hour each year! Imagine taking a short walk to a secret location and then lying down to watch the night sky and the shooting stars!

We then make it even better as the walk will be lead by Toby and our very own ‘star lady' who will explain all about the night sky, the meteor shower, the universe and stars! Using laser pointers Etienne will talk you around the night sky and point out the summer triangle, our giant gas planets Jupiter and Saturn, and the zodiac signs.

There will also be a drink provided by us and some snacks. Please bring your own glass/cup.

Day and time: Tuesday 11 August / 22:00 h

Meeting point: Near the Hotel Na Xamena

Level: easy

Price: The walks are by donation of € 15 per person.

You must reserve and pay for your walk because of the limited numbers they are allowed at the moment, you can not just turn up.

For more information, reservation and other excursions head to their official website.

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