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Divendres de cine - movies in original language

This week you can enjoy the film online or in person in the San José.

Fri 5 Mar, 2021, Sat 6 Mar, 2021, Sun 7 Mar, 2021
From: 20:00

Where: Centro de Cultura Can Jeroni, San José, Ibiza

This week you can enjoy the film in two ways - online, which you can access through this link and face-to-face at the Can Jeroni Culture Center in San José on Friday, 5 March at 20:00 h, you can reserve your free invitation on this page.

«La número uno» | VOSE (French with Spanish subtitles) | 2017

Duration: 110 min. France
Director: Tonie Marshall
Synopsis: Emmanuelle Blachey is a brilliant engineer who has managed to climb and finally enter the executive committee of her company, a French energy giant. One day, a network of influential women offers to help her win the management of an important company that is listed on the stock market. This would make her the first woman to hold a position of such caliber. But in spheres still dominated by men, professional and personal obstacles are multiplying. The conquest was announced triumphant, but in reality it is a war.

Centro de Cultura Can Jeroni