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Divendres de cine - movies in original language

This week you can enjoy the film online or in person in the San José

Friday 26 Feb 2021, Saturday 27 Feb 2021, Sunday 28 Feb 2021
From: 20:00

Where: Centro de Cultura Can Jeroni, San José, Ibiza

This week you can enjoy the film in two ways - online, which you can access through this link and face-to-face at the Can Jeroni Culture Center in San José on Friday, 26 February at 20:00 h, you can reserve your free invitation on this page.

«Fatima» | VOSE (French with Spanish subtitles) | 2015 |

Duration: 79min France.
Direction: Philippe Faucon
Synopsis: Fatima is an immigrant Muslim of Arab origin who is the mother of two daughters: Souad, a rebellious 15-year-old teenager, and Nesrine, an 18-year-old girl who is starting university and wants to be a doctor.

Centro de Cultura Can Jeroni

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