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Ethos of Ibiza Spotlight reviews

How does the Ibiza Spotlight team approach reviewing restaurants, events and activities?

Do you only review businesses who advertise with you?

No. Over 70% of our reviews are with non-clients. Our focus is to ensure we provide the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information about venues, events and businesses that we feel will enhance your holiday. So when someone tells us about a place they think is fantastic, we’ll check them out whether they are a client or not.

Do you ever write bad reviews?

No. We’re keen not to waste your time and appreciate that you’re looking to find good information easily and get on with having a fantastic holiday here on Ibiza. Doing a review takes time, as does then writing about the experience, so we focus our time on providing you with good value, not sensationalism.

That said, the venue can have fantastic food, fab location but perhaps are short staffed. To balance this out, in the Quick Facts section at the end of each review, we have a ‘Recommendation for Improvement’ and we would look to mention this there.

If the venue is poor overall, we contact the business, tell them what we felt was below par and decline to promote them to our audience.

Where can I have my say?

A majority of our reviews are shared to our Facebook page ( and you’re welcome to add a comment there.

If you would like to recommend a venue for us to review, please feel most welcome to contact us directly – We’d love to hear from you!

Cat Milton
- for and on behalf of the Ibiza Spotlight team.