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Veterinary Clinic in Sant Jordi

Your pets are treated with loving care using state-of-the-art veterinary and diagnostic equipment at this modern multi-lingual clinic. Headed by Fernando Ribas del Rio and trusted by members of the Ibiza Spotlight team.


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At the San Jorge Veterinary Clinic (SJVC) you can expect a full range of treatments for all kinds of pets, from the everyday to the exotic. The highly-trained staff is able to deliver many services and works hard to create strong one-on-one relationships with clients to provide the peace of mind that each and every pet will get the best treatment possible.

Veterinary clinic

This large clinic is staffed by motivated, friendly and caring staff, with a team of fully-licensed veterinary staff headed by Fernando Ribas del Rio. The staff is also multi-lingual, making it easier to communicate your pet's needs. The clinic is open all through the day from morning to evening with no midday break and parking is freely available, without charge, in the surrounding streets.

Surgery and diagnosis

A team of skilled veterinarians are able to perform all kinds of surgery however complicated, from general types such as sterilisation of males and females as well as more specialist techniques like orthopaedic, thoracic, urinary or hepatic surgery.

SJVC is also capable of performing neurosurgery, microsurgery and dealing with traumatology. All this is supported by the most modern equipment to provide the safe monitoring of pets following any procedure. The latest diagnostic equipment is also on hand from digital radiology, ultrasound, endoscopy and magnetic resonance imaging.

24-h emergency service, hospital and rehab

Pet owners will be pleased to hear that SJVC provides a complete 24-hour emergency service for any time of day or night 365 days a year. The clinic also offers the benefit of a hospital service, where pets can stay for recovery, treatment and diagnostics in the clinic's dedicated hospital area. Dog and cat patients are afforded separate areas to reduce stress and there is also an isolation unit for patients with infectious diseases. Post-care is an important part of what is offered, such as physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to ensure that pets suffer limited pain and return to normal activity as quickly as possible.

Prevention and education

Another element of the clinic is to focus on not just treatment but prevention of diseases and conditions. All kinds of vaccines are available from the standard, recommended ones to specialist ones that are adapted to the pet's specific needs. Also, the clinic offers special programmes for preventing tooth decay, heart problems and to help in controlling weight. Ethology services are also offered which assist in working on animal behavioural problems from basic puppy education to older animals, using humane positive reinforcement techniques.

The best care for your pet

With SJVC you can feel safe in the knowledge that your pet will have the very best treatment for any kind of health or behavioural issue - always with close communication with the owner. It's the gold standard for pet care on Ibiza.

Resort: Sant Jordi, Ibiza

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