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Do you want a hassle-free, reliable COVID-19 test?

Salutlabs is an online platform dedicated to the organisation and distribution of COVID-19 PCR and Antigen tests to clinical analysis laboratories in Ibiza and Formentera

Salutlabs brings a convenient testing service direct to your premises. A Salutlabs courier will visit you at your villa, yacht or hotel and deliver a kit for you to conduct your own non-invasive PCR saliva test. 

Forget about queuing in line for several hours, Salutlabs will deliver your test to the laboratory - while you enjoy the most of your holiday time. No waiting required! 

Results are guaranteed to be processed within 24 hours and your authorised travel certificate will be returned by email.

  • ​Clients make their reservation online indicating the desired day and time for their test.
  • On the day of the test, a driver will arrive at the address indicated by you.
  • Without entering the home, the driver will hand over a sealed, self-test kit.
  • The client performs the saliva test themself, spitting into a tube then sealing it, sterilising the tube on the outside with a provided antiseptic wipe, and the delivery person places it (with gloves) into the return package.
  • The client signs the consent form
  • The courier takes and delivers the sample to the laboratory for analysis.
  • Once the results are confirmed, you will receive notification by email.

PCR tests, including the home collection service, are priced at €115 per person and Antigen tests are €55 per person (always check the requirements for landing at your destination) for Ibiza Spotlight users.

Just follow these links to book your Salutlabs test:

PCR Test

Antigen Test

Or use the promotional code: IBSPOT21 to get a €10 discount from Salutlab's standard prices.