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Ibiza Service Center

Since 2004 an Ibiza-based event and incentive agency, offering you professionalism, creativity and reliability.


Ibiza Service Center's mantra is that events should be emotion stirring extraordinary experiences which will always be fulfilled in Ibiza because of its natural surroundings, sun and artistic history. Planning, organising and coordinating incentive and team building programmes, conferences and product launches in this environment ensures fun and results for all.

With sporting activities like sailing, kayaking, mountain bike tours and riding, to name but a few, and team building competitions like Treaure Hunt and Jeep Rally organised to perfection, participants have so much fun whilst honing key skills like collaboration and developing a sense of unity.

Ibiza Service Center also offers a wide range of other services; photography, catering, entertainment, sound systems, to make your visit complete.

Resort: Ibiza Town (Eivissa)