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Privilege Opening Party - Privilege, Ibiza 2014

An opening show of epic proportions

Venue: Privilege

Privilege Opening Party

The opening of Privilege always attracts the people of the beautiful island and the venue in its various incarnations has hosted successful parties for many years. They've got a lot of friends, which of course they need to fill the cavernous interior.

In 2014 the opening party falls on Friday the 30th of May - put it in your diary clubbers!

There is no info available yet on the DJ line up - we will update as soon as we know more. But the show elements and the podium dancers are guaranteed show stoppers whether it is because of their stunning beauty or their weird yet enticing outfits, so you should definitely check out Privilege Opening party if you're on the island around that date!


Privilege Opening Party
30 May 23:59
Early Bird Ticket - 3030

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