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La Troya / Espuma Foam Party - Amnesia, Ibiza 2014

Mainstream and underground crossover appeal with sexed-up house music from start to fruity finish.

La Troya / Espuma Foam Party

It's been a long road from the original La Troya Asesina parties, and the journey from an underground gay gig to flamboyant mainstream success, but it was never very likely to fail. The man behind it, the seminal club promoter Brasiliode Oliveira, brought it to Amnesia from Privilege, no doubt to the latter club’s continuing despair. In 2006 it jumped again, this time to Space. But since 2009, they're back in Amnesia and what most would consider their spiritual home.

La Troya maintains close ties with Ibiza’s vibrant gay community, and specialises in delivering a top notch production based on a different theme every week. For a taste of what to expect, get yourself a spot in a bar on the parade route in Ibiza Town sometime after midnight and watch the costumed performers float past. 

It’s one of the most popular Wednesday nights on the island, and quite possibly the biggest gay club night in Europe. It now has crossover appeal with sexed-up house music from start to fruity finish on the Terrace. In the Main Room, enjoy one of Ibiza's most unique nights - the foam party "espuma". Residents this year in the terrace and main room will be Caal Smile, Oliver Schmitz, Les Schmitz and Oscar Colarado, but for four dates during August they will be joined by a very special headline guest. 

That's right folks - Paris Hilton is back with Foam and Diamonds in Amnesia's main room between the 6th and the 27th of August. Love her or hate her, our Paris knows how to stir up some excitement, and will be back in all her glittered glory to send adoring fans wild with electro bangers before turning the foam cannon on the dance floor herself. Quite the spectacle, we promise!

The La Troya 2014 season kicks off Wednesday the 12th of June and closes on the 24th of September.

Venue: Amnesia, San Rafael, Ibiza

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