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Review: iPurify Juice Cleanse

iPurify, the to-your-door delivery service providing locally sourced, organically grown, Juice Cleanses

By Spotlight

iPurify is the home delivery Juice Cleansing company, a perfect accompaniment to a healthy holiday break on the island or for those based here.

Offering three different lengths of detox (3 days, 6 days or 9 days) with three different intensities of detox (low, medium, intense), the company delivers chilled, ready to drink, specially formulated juices direct to your door (and my door is no easy find!)

I had become aware of iPurify last year when several friends, known to party hard and work hard, Ibiza style (stay up all night but still managed to work seven days a week in the tourist season) were suddenly seen declining their usual Vodka Tonics. Instead they showed off various bottles of juices from their handbags and declared they were 'detox-ing'. Watching them quietly I was impressed to see skin complexion improve, hair condition improve and overall each friend regain a degree of focus and equilibrium that hadn't been there just days before.

Now in fairness I had a fairly experienced juicing background myself, routinely living on a 'juice diet' for up to 28 days at a time in the UK. I knew by first hand experience the merits of such a style of living. However I had never focused on a detox. Contacting Clifford Grubin, the man behind iPurify we discussed my wants and prior experience and agreed a medium intensity, 6 day detox would fit the bill.

iPurify Juice Cleanse

Day one arrived and voila, a prompt supply of juices for the first three days arrived. Eighteen bottles in total - 6 a day. Unusually, it was an office day for me and so I started. Much to the amusement and fascination of my colleagues, I felt the effects by my fourth juice, popping off yet again to the ladies, wowzers!

The sheer volume of juices ensured hunger was completely eradicated. In fairness it was quite an effort to try and consume all six bottles - I just wasn't that hungry!

With a job that ensured I was constantly out on the road, morning, noon and often night, I was concerned about how I would cope. To not put too fine a point on it, mid detox if you need to go to the toilet, you NEED to go to the toilet. However, my concerns were unfounded - it was survivable.

I was also worried about feeling weak or tired, something I couldn't afford particularly as the detox coincided not just with a frantic schedule but also my last two sessions of an intensive physical training regime. Indeed the first three days saw my schedule keeping me busy in excess of 18hrs each day. Again, it wasn't an issue & my training seemed unaffected.

Clifford  of iPurify isn't just content to hand over the juices and let that be that. He follows up with some great information to assist, including 'dry skin brushing' and 'coffee enema' instructions (the latter which I just wasn't feeling bold enough to try on this occasion)

Whilst requiring a degree of discipline (one day found me sitting in Burger King as a friend wolfed down a burger & I inhaled the scent of fries enviously), it became easier. I was liking how I was feeling in myself.

The home delivery service impressed and opting for a six day detox, across this time, two deliveries arrived promptly and without any sense of difficulty whatsoever.

Completing the detox, there was no arguing with an improvement to my skin tone and hair condition (despite the extremely humid weather of the week!) Although I couldn't quite define it, I also felt clearer of mind too. The weight loss, which was considerable, I took little notice of, as this is typically regained fairly rapidly by most people (but may be a boon for folks who want to look skinnier for a while!)

Don't Like: By Day 5 I had lost the will to live with the sheer repetition of juices. The detox requires determination, discipline and keeping the end goal firmly in sight.
Loved: Fantastic home / villa / hotel delivery service, quality of the juices and overall ease of undertaking a short-term intensive lifestyle change. Compliments - unprompted, for the record! - from friends who thought I looked great :-)

The iPurify pricing structure is simple - 65 euros a day (six juices, incl delivery)

For more information, click across to iPurify's Facebook page (website coming soon but this was too good to wait for that to happen!)


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