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Healing Ibiza - What is it?

Healing Ibiza Day, Sunday 07th October from 11am until sunset. Everyone's talking about it but what is it?

By Spotlight

If you live in Ibiza the chances are that someone in your circle is either talking about Healing Ibiza or posting about it on their Facebook pages. Which is great but what exactly is Healing Ibiza? This was my question last May before I popped along to find out and it's been a question I've fielded many times since! Time to answer some of those questions that I myself once asked.

Let's take it from the top -

When is it?: The forthcoming Healing Ibiza day is Sunday 07th October, starting 11am and with the closing ceremony at sunset.

Healing Ibiza Day 07th October 2012 Atzaro

Where is it?: To date the event has always been held at Atzaro, one of the most beautiful Agroturismo Hotels on the island (see map below for location. It's a cinch to get to!) The grounds are stunning, surrounded by an old orange grove. There is a huge amount of space in which to just lie down and chill out on the grass or settle back on one of the endless outdoor beds or sofas and surreptitiously sip your cocktail whilst you people watch!

Historically to present: Healing Ibiza is a registered association, focused on bringing together a group of amazing people for the greater good of both the island, the people, island visitors and the World as a whole. Each event has been a bigger celebration and success than the last, so that Healing Ibiza is starting to receive international recognition amongst healers and therapists globally. But what does that mean to the likes of you and I?

Everyone was raving about the last Healing Ibiza in May. My personal Facebook newsfeed was full of chatter about it. Folks left, right and centre were enthusing about great talks, workshops, therapies. I was still having difficulty figuring out if it might be something I'd like to go along to. Was it going to cost a fortune? Was I going to be talked into some weird cult? Was I going to be shunted from one workshop to another? Gah!

Healing Ibiza day 07th October Atzaro

What really happens -

On arriving at Atzaro, you walk into the gorgeous grounds and you will be asked to please make a donation of 5 euros on entry - as mentioned above, Healing Ibiza is an association and all proceeds go towards supporting good causes on the island. It's a fantastic way to give back a little if you've enjoyed the island.

Now the fun really starts. Walking around - feel free to! - you will find -

Healing Hall: Here you will find some of the most talented therapists, not just from Ibiza but across the World, offering you a therapy session. Take your pick - and please thank them with a donation afterwards. This will include but isn't limited to Bowen Therapy, Reiki, Massage (Thai, Shiatsu, etc), Cranio-Sacral, Reflexology. It's a fantastic opportunity to try out something new and all the therapists give their time and expertise to Healing Ibiza without charge.

Oracle Reading Area: Ever wanted to just try having your Tarot or Runes read? Now is the time and place, again with some of the most celebrated island and international readers gathering. Each reading is by donation. Please give what you feel it is worth.

Healing Ibiza Day 07th October 2012 Atzaro

Chill Out Area: THE place to just go and flop down on the grass and listen to inspiring live acoustic music or perhaps even join in, in a meditation session.

Yoga & Pilates: Throughout the day there are Yoga and Pilates classes running. Stroll up, introduce yourself and join in.

Workshops: The calibre of the people who arrive to offer Healing Ibiza Day workshops has long been a point of celebration. Throughout the day there will be workshops on subjects such as Energy Medicine, Creative Dance, Shiatsu, Tantra, Voice work, and Active Meditation to name but a few.

Speakers Hall: Talks throughout the day by acknowledged experts will include "The Dawn of Transformation", The Law of Attraction, Shamanic Healing, Angels, and a further four talks are due to be confirmed shortly.

Healing Ibiza Day 07th October 2012 Atzaro

What Else?: Healing Ibiza is all of the above and so much more.

Children: There is a fantastic area for children, with childminders and entertainers on hand throughout the day.

Food: There is a mouthwatering array of foods available and the bars are all open.

Shopping: There are stalls galore, offering gifts to delight.

Healing Ibiza Day 07th October 2012 Atzaro

Who is Healing Ibiza for?: It is a day for all the family, for islanders, for visitors, for the spiritually inclined, for the curious, this day is for you. You'll be made very welcome and I'm pretty confident you'll leave smiling and perhaps just a little wowed. I did.

For more information - Healing Ibiza website

For a photographic insight into the last Healing Ibiza day, 06th May 2012, please visit our Ibiza Spotlight Facebook Album

Healing Ibiza Day
Sunday 07th October.
11am - Sunset.


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