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Ibiza's Romantic Restaurants: A Bloke's Guide

I don't do romance. There I've said it.

By Spotlight

I don't do romance. There I've said it. Pragmatic fellow that I am, I do realise that there is a need for it every now and then to get on the right side of your better half; wedding anniversaries, birthdays, that saint's day in February, and of course, getting outed on twitter.

So, with no prior knowledge of all the subtle implications of the 'R' word I consulted Ibiza Spotlight's list of Romantic Restaurants, and not without good cause, because it was put together in its entirety by those of the female persuasion in the office – you know, the ones who demand romance lavished upon them every now and then.

I've now carefully examined all of the restaurants filed under R and come up with a check list of just what matters!

la oliva restaurant

Food – style and nationality doesn't seem to be important, just the quality and freshness, with our ladies' choices ranging from Indian at the Cardamom Club, fresh fish at Cas Mallorqui, French Provencal at La Oliva (photo above) and typical Ibicenco cuisine at Sa Soca.

Views 1 – When they're not gazing into your limpid-pool-like eyes it seems pura vida viewsthat the girls want to be taking in the moon glistening on the calm waters of the Mediterranean over their long stemmed glasses. Pura Vida (photo left) on the beach at Playa Niu Blau has superb ground level sea vistas whilst high up above it, La Casita in Valverde has bird's eye views from the mountains.

Views 2 – Cobbled streets, wrought iron balconies, whitewashed walls, all viewed through vine leaves twining along a terrace are equal first on the Romance-O-Meter, and this can only mean Dalt Vila in Ibiza town.h I'm not sure if dining out on a gradient is important but at La Oliva the tables flow down the  hill towards the plaza and Can Den Parra goes one better with its tables intimately arranged on the steps.

can den parra restaurant

Terrace – Yep, alfresco dining is the way forward if you really want to impress your favourite member of the fair sex. Twinkling stars work wonders with candlelight, lanterns, and lamps whether on the beach like Sa Flama, or above it like Cas Mila in Cala Tarida.  Garden settings are great too, especially if you have your own mini-marquee for an intimate tete-a-tete (Cardamom club again) or the narrow streets of Ibiza town always score high with the lasses.

There we go, if only I could set this article to a sound track, I'm sure that 'Love is in the Air' would be playing now.


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